Year of Ashes

Chapter 1

A team of specialists recruited by Aster Valda found the Temples destruction was carried out by a mercenary outfit called The Blackwater Company. After tailing one of Company’s runners to an obsidian tower, the team met up with an Aster Neophyte named Bartholomew who helped them scour the towers interior and find the truth behind the Temples destruction.

The Blackwater Company had been hired by a hidden cult of Belial who had used the temples destruction as a cover to steal the Eye of Lathander. The team interrupted the cults leader, Elder Gruuman, before he could conclude a bargain with a Devil named Mephasm, preventing Gruuman from acquiring something referred to as the Axe of the Pact.

The day began with thunder. Iriaebor has a long history and is no stranger to sorrow. However, the fall of the Morning Spire was particularly tragic. Iriaebens awoke to find the Temple of Lathander reduced to a pile of rubble by a devastating explosion. Where once a monument of the Morning Lord stood, nothing was left but an expanding cloud of smoke and a mountain of broken stone, shattered glass and twisted metal.
As the people of Iriaebor dug through the rubble searching for survivors, the mangled corpse of the Heirophant of Lathander was recovered. The remaining high-clergy charged the few surviving members of the Order of the Aster with finding those responsible and bringing them to justice. To aid them in their quest, the Aster recruited specialists from the city who would prove useful in the days ahead.


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